Founded in 2017, we provide reliable and accurate cell based models for drug development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate new drug development by providing leading industry research organisations with a renewable, reliable source of functional liver tissue.

We have an ethnically diverse library of human hepatocytes that enables a preview of how compounds will react in clinical trials.

Disease Models

We will shortly be piloting the following liver-specific disease models:

  • NAFLD - Lipid loaded mini-liver tissues that mimic the fatty liver phenotype of early stage non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

  • NASH - Test progression of disease from steatosis to inflammation and fibrosis in the best 3D in vitro human model for NASH.

  • Fibrosis - Screen and test efficacy of anti-fibrotic drugs in our powerful 3D in vitro model that reflects scarring observed in human liver fibrosis.

  • Cholestasis - Investigate the detection of cholestatic potential in our 3D in vitro model.