complete toxicity screeningpng
Our high throughput, automated screening platform delivers accurate toxicity information. From cell culture, to compound addition, all the way to data analysis and delivery.  Our assay is more sensitive than current cell health based assays and delivers significantly more information. It is fully customisable, at each step delivering all the data you need.
high throughput translationpng
We can culture a variety of cell type in high throughput format and
a bespoke service to deliver any commercially available cell type
in your desired high throughput format.

Our stem cell derived hepatocytes are:
Highly functional and mature.
Polarised and express functional efflux markers.
As sensitive and predictive as primary human hepatocytes.
Suitable for detecting toxicity within 30 minutes to 2 weeks.
We ship our cells live, worldwide, ready to use for industry and academia.

hepatic maintenance mediapng
 We offer a complete defined cell culture media to maintain our mature hepatocytes for up to 2 weeks.

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Our strategic partner Core Life analytics provide powerful data analysis software enabling us to screen your large multi-parameter data sets rapidly and efficiently.
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