At Cytochroma, drug candidates can be rapidly screened on a large scale for toxicity with our high-throughput screening platform. This screening assay utilises highly functional, mature stem cell derived hepatocytes. Cells that are as sensitive as primary human hepatocytes in an assay 10 times more predictive than current tests.  

 Our high-throughput screening is can identify toxic compounds at risk of causing drug induced liver injury. This method of can screening can rapidly reduce long lists of candidate compounds by assessing their in vitro toxicity on a large scale, boosting the process of drug discovery.

Cytochroma's team of experienced scientists in drug discovery and high-throughput screening are able to provide:

  • Toxicity screening using our predictive hepatocytes or the cell type of your choice

  • High content screening, combined with metabolic assays

  • Single cell toxicity reporting

  • Detailed report of results

  • All raw data and images obtained in the assay

  • Fully customised services

Please feel free to contact us and let us know your needs or any questions you have regarding this service.

Our experts will answer your questions as soon as possible and work with you to develop a solution especially for you.